EDI, API, or file imports via email. Automate your orders.

Utilising the automatic order creation feature via EDI / API / File upload (email, FTP) provides your customers the ability to simply email jobs into CartonCloud reducing 99% data entry. No manual intervention required, quick and seamless and jobs appear straight into CartonCloud.

Barcode scan picking to reduce pick errors & improve quality.

Scan in to your warehouse with any mobile iOS device. Warehouse staff can start jobs seconds after your clients have emailed them. Increasing productivity, reducing pick errors and improving your KPIs.


Cross-dock with ease, allocate drivers automatically & ePOD.

We aim to remove 99% of data-entry with automatic order creation via EDI / API / File Upload (Email, FTP). Imagine your clients simply emailing jobs into CartonCloud, having them appear with no manual intervention.

Have your invoicing completed while you sleep.

CartonCloud will calculate all your rates from storage, pick, pack, sliding scales, waiting times (plus more). Imagine coming into work on Monday and seeing all the invoicing calculated & ready to be approved.


Save time with complex rate cards.

Rates can be a real frustration and timely exercise to calculate manually. In CartonCloud you load your rates in once and then they're calculated automatically based on the events and triggers you want.

Allocate consignments automatically.

CartonCloud makes it easier to allocate your consignments. You can set up delivery runs and allocate postcodes so when consignments get created CartonCloud can automatically build your delivery runs.


Quicker deliveries & ePODs.

We've made it easier for your drivers on the road to gain ePODs by grouping con-notes together automatically your drivers only need to get one signature for that address. No more lost POD's, it’s so easy to record consignments with our electronic proof of deliveries feature. Drivers can record waiting times, damaged stock with images, temperatures plus much more.

Clean & concise address book.

Address Strings act as an "aliases" for addresses. If your clients keep providing the incorrect address, you update the address string and CartonCloud will automatically link the alias to the actual address.

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